Established in 1920 - Owned/Operated since 1952

Archinal Camera Repair in Deep Ellum - Dallas, TX (1954-1996)

Archinal Camera Repair in Deep Ellum – Dallas, TX (1952-1996)

We’ve been in the camera repair business since 1920 …

Camera repair services: We mainly service Nikon & Canon digital cameras.  Impact damage, sand damage, misuse and abuse are common problems that we deal with on a daily basis.  These types of repairs are abnormal. Amongst an array of other repairs, other services we provide are CLA’s, replacements of busted shutter blocks, mirrors falling out, busted UV filters, auto-focus motor mechanisms, etc. etc.

– After a service we offer a 6 month warranty on our repairs – 

Workmanship and materials are warrantied for 6 months, to be free from defects under normal use.  Our obligation is limited to rework the same defect. The warranty is void on any item or parts which have been tampered with by unauthorized persons, misuse, neglect or damage.

Due to the variety of repairs that your camera might need, contact us for an estimate online or pick up the phone and call us for extensive details on our services: 972.644.7555

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